Creating luxury bespoke bathroom designs in 3D and 4D before your very eyes, you’ll be able to get a true sense of how your space will start to look and feel. Whatever unique ideas and vision you may have, we can put this all into the design during this initial consultation. We can also make any changes or alterations quickly and easily; this means you can get the decisions right first-time round without making any costly mistakes. It also means you can feel confident that everything will work well together before and during the fitting process; a peace of mind that will help this space to continue to feel tranquil and relaxing long after we have left.

Our team are experienced in creating unique and luxury bathrooms that suit the shape and space of your home. They will ask you tailored questions to help guide your decisions and find out more about your tastes and ideas. Each bathroom will have all practical elements incorporated, and our team will ensure nothing is missed in the process. They will also be able to let you know about different materials and products you can use to elevate your bathroom to the height of luxury.

Once you have completed and confirmed your initial design, as part of your consultation you will be invited to come into our showroom for further design discussions. It is here that the finer details can be spoken about and checked and everything can be signed off ready for your bathroom to get delivered to your home and installed.

Please do get in touch with us today to book in for your bespoke design service consultation. We’d be very happy to help you.